First you need to register  and then Try the free sample and if you like it then proceed to chose any of the papers Paper 1,3,5,7,9 are basic sciences (Theory and Science (TAS)  and papers 2,4,6,8,10 (Foundation of Practice (FOP)

After you chose the paper and bought it, go to my on line exam link and click on the paper number (e.g paper 8), it will down load and you start answering one by one. there are 110 questions as follow:

Each paper will have best of five (55 questions will score 550), True or false ( 45 questions and you should only click on the square if you think it is True, do not click even if all false), Extended matches questions (45 questions and score 450 and only chose one answer ). The total score will be 1150 and you should score 60% which equals to 90% in order to pass the paper.

Each paper will take 2hrs and 40 minutes and it is timed on right upper hand corner of the screen.  If yu can not answer one of the questions or any, leave it and then come back by only clicking on the question number which if answered will appear green, if not will stay black.

After you finish click on submit and wait until the screen change. , go  again on my exam online and click on results to view your score and how long it took you to complete this paper.  then click on details and it will show you the results , scoring and also you can go over all the questions again as it will show the correct answers if you answer it wrong

You can start the paper again and again and will expire after  12 months from the date you purchase it. We recommend not to share it with any one or copy right as soon as yu start copying will be blocked and not allowed to go back again even you paid the fees for this paper.