best of five and extending matching questions for MRCPCH part 1

Best of five and EMQs for MRCPCH Part 1


Best of five and EMQs for MRCPCH Part 1

Best of five and Extended matching questions for MROCH part 1 (208 pages and 300 questions)

This book was written in 2006 and it is my sixth book of the MRCPCH chain book. It sold more than 3,000 copies and reviewed in BMJ as well

It has 208 pages and 300question between best of five and extending matching questions. It cover9 topics in paediatrics. Statistics got 25 questions which I did not cover before in paediatrics. This book written by four authors who contribute to different chapters. It is rich in knowledge and will equipped you with knowledge and skills to go trough the exam questions. When you read it, you should be patience?

This book designed to give you maximum knowledge and in depth regarding most difficult topics in paediatrics and where more questions in the exam appeared in these topics.

Covering all the major and important 9 It is arranged in 9 chapters and has been put on line with the publisher and still people buying this book. Emergency medicine has 50 questions as it is very important and you can get at least 10 questions in the exam either in style BOF, EXM or True and false.



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