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MRCPCH Part 1 Mock Exam papers

What you get with MRCPCH Part 1 mock exam papers online

The IFP mock exam papers has 10 papers which are organised alternately so that paper 1 is Theory and science (TAS) and Paper 2 is Foundation of Practice (FOP) and paper 3 is TAS and paper 4 is FOP and so on. It allows you to take part at any time and as many times as you want. You will get scored immediate and you can have access to all answers, if you wish, before your second or third trial.

The Mock exam papers include:

  • 800 MRCPCH Part 1 questions
  • Try by difficulty level
  • Unlimited access to mock exams papers with rating
  • Access to all answers
  • Feedback services if you wish to have this.

Paper 1,3,5,7 and 9 (Theory and Science (TAS) – theory exam)

These papers are designed to test your ability in answering any question related to MRCPCH TAS exams. It will test you in the basic scientific, physiological and pharmacological principles. They are selected questions from either the author’s collection or from his books. It is as close as possible to MRCPCH TAS exam. There is no ambiguity in the questions. It has BOF which is the commonest type of question in the exam papers, followed by T & F and finally by EMQ. T&F is not included in the exam any more but practising these questions will increase your knowledge and skills and give you greater confidence when entering the real exam. It is important to stick to the time for each paper and when you are satisfied with your trial/trials, revise the answers. You get your results instantly and feedback will be sent to you if you wish the examiner to write to you.

Papers 2,4,6,8, and 10 (Foundation of Practice (FOP) – theory exam)

These papers are well prepared and a real test to candidates clinical knowledge and skills. As well as testing the candidate’s knowledge, skills, understanding and clinical decision making, they also enable them to reach the standard required for speciality training. The papers mimic the situation on the ward or accident & emergency department or in outpatients. They are rich in information and will help candidates to be more confident when sitting the real exams. They are also designed as BOF, T&F and EMQs. T&F is not in the exam anymore but the idea is to give you more knowledge and skills. Some are very challenging questions and the scale of difficulty increases in some papers. It is advisable to have trail/s before looking at all the answers. You will always have an instant score and, if you wish, you can write to the editor and you will have feedback on the areas in which you could improve.

The sample test for the MRCPCH Part 1 Mock exam papers

This section will give you chance to test yourself before buying any paper. It is mixed of TAS and FOP questions and contain BOF, T&F and EMQs. It is good way to start and taking part in Mock exam papers as your next step. It is free trial and got 13 questions with instant result and access to all answers after you finish your trail. It is challenging sample but give you a flavour of the real test


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