Mock Exam


Overview of the course-(will be held on 07 October 2017 at Hillingdon hospital)

It is one day course run by experience examiners and teachers. It is new course and designed to help MRCPCH candidate perform and score well during the exam. It is run as if you are in the exam with marking sheet and feedback after finishing the 10 station. All cases are similar to cases appeared in the MRCPCH clinical exams. There are cardiology, respiratory, gasteroentrology, neurology, development, general and MSK ,two communication, one case history and 9 videos. It is content of the course as follow:

Day 1
08.30-08-45 Introduction and welcome by the course director, explain how the day run.
09.00-13.00 Mock exam for each candidate for first group
13.00-13.30 Feedback for each candidate by a teacher
13.30-17.30 Mock exam for each candidate of group 2
17.30-18.00 Feedback for each candidate by a teacher
18.00-18.15 Close and feedback by the course director

Teachers-added the link-could you please add the link or add this paper which information about the teachers

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