The Index Paediatrics Clinical Courses for MRCPCH Candidates


Overview of the course-(will be held on 31 September and 1 October 2017 at Kingston hospital)

It is two days course run by experienced examiners and teachers. The course is continuation of the same course used to run by most past. It is comprehensive and every clinical case will be covered through both days. The candidates will get a chance to be observed and tested with constructive feed back. The teachers and examiners are always rated between 4-4.5 over 5 by candidates during the last ten years while they are teaching on the most past course. The course director runs the most past clinical for MRCPCH candidates over last ten years and he is experiencing examiner and teacher. The course is designed to help candidates perform very well during the MRCPCH clinical exam and DCH exam. It is a content of the course as follow:

Day 1-
09-10.15 am-Introduction and how to examine each system and done by experienced clinician and examiners

– Five rotation through clinical station of neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, general pediatrics and MSK, development and respiratory system
– There is also assessment for each candidates and will be told who he/she perform plus feedback what should avoid during the exam-All teachers are experience teacher and examiner

17.00-17.30pm Feedback by the director of the course

Day 2-
– Five rotation on talking station which include two communication skills station with experience actors and teacher and each candidate will have ago and feedback as well.
– Two history taking station with real patient and experience examiner and teacher. There will be constructive feedback as well
– Video station which consist of 25 videos and each case will have question and short description as per the exam

16-17.15pm There is 50 videos for various cases which may appear in the exam and close up by the course director

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